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Zth-Messtechnik Kiffe
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Zth-Messtechnik Kiffe was founded on March 01, 2018 as a sole proprietorship. The owner has a 20-year experience in thermal measuring technology in
the field of power electronics. Location of the company is Kirchheim near Munich (Germany).
The main field of activity is the measurement of the transient thermal impedance (Zth) of power semiconductors and cooling systems. Another focus is the
development of thermal-electrical simulation software on the basis of measurements (Zth-measurement including coupling, switching loss measurement,
forward voltage loss measurement) for the module and inverter development, keyword: "digital twin".

Zth-Messtechnik Kiffe offers the following services:

  • Standard-Zth-measurement on semiconductor devices (Si, SiC) with a load current up to 1000A

  • Extended Zth-measurement with determination of R and Tau in the small time ranges,
    (for a correct calculation of the thermal behavior in the simulation), example

  • Zth-measurement on semiconductor devices (Si, SiC) with different heat transfer fluids,
  •      z. B. water/glycol mixture, perfluoropolyether (PFPE), synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO), example

  • Thermal characterization of interface materials (pastes / foils / DCB / IMS), example

  • Transient thermal-electrical simulation software for 2-level- and 3-level-NPC1-inverter, control: internally about under-
 shoot method, externally over gate pattern-file, load: LR-load or 3-phases asynchronous motor with slippage, motor operation,
 2-level inverter simulation example,                        3-level-NPC1-inverter simulation example   

  • Switching measurement (double pulse) example,     forward voltage measurement up to 1000A example

For wishes, suggestions and inquiries, please contact me by email.

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